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Here are some images from the AFC Hermanus Slope-Fly 2008.

 The event was held on the 28-30 November 2008.

  • On Saturday the wind was W/NW and we flew off the W cliff.
  • Sunday started with a light E and swung to SE which built throughout the day.
A truly magic weekend enjoyed by all.


The Warbirds

We were treated to a Warbird display on Sunday afternoon.

  • Bobby Purnell with his P51 Mustang
  • Kevin Farr with his P38 Lightning
  • Steve Muesel with his Sea Fury

All the planes were decked out with Invasion livery which made the formation flight-byes all that more special.

Each pilot revieved a gift voucher from Clown\'s Hobbies.

Hermanus 2008 - PV
Random pictures of Hermanus 2008

Johan Bruwer's ASW27 - Pre-Launch

Launching the ASW27

Marching back from the edge

Johan van Tonder and his Blade

Launching the Blade

Dave Connelley's Electric Shrike launching

Johan van Tonder and his Blanik

Johan Bruwer's ASW27 - Sunday Launch