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Hermanus 2008

Johan Bruwer's ASW27 - Pre-Launch

Getting to the slope edge. Simon on the right and Bobby on the right.

Launching the ASW27

The launch - on the SW/W cliff at Hermanus.

Marching back from the edge

Bobby and Simon bring Johan back up the slope.

Johan van Tonder and his Blade

Nice colour scheme on the Blade.

Launching the Blade

Nice shot of the Blade being launched. Very visual underside.

Dave Connelley's Electric Shrike launching

Bobby Purnell  from Custom-Built Aero-Modeling launches one of his creations, the Electric Shrike, piloted by Dave Connelly.

Johan van Tonder and his Blanik

It's a treat to see the Scale plans in action during a big blow. The Blanik did not disappoint.

Johan Bruwer's ASW27 - Sunday Launch