Home Hermanus 2008 The Warbirds

We were treated to a Warbird display on Sunday afternoon.

  • Bobby Purnell with his P51 Mustang
  • Kevin Farr with his P38 Lightning
  • Steve Muesel with his Sea Fury

All the planes were decked out with Invasion livery which made the formation flight-byes all that more special.

Each pilot revieved a gift voucher from Clown\'s Hobbies.

The Mustang

The Mustang - Very Sleek

P51 - Steady - Ready ...

P51 - Launch

P38 - Hairy Launch

Kevin Farr and the P38

Mustang in flight

P38 in flight

Sea Fury in flight

On Patrol

Coming around

Formation - Inbound

Heading home