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1. Name

  • The club’s official name will be Atlantic Flying Club. No other name will be used in the advertisement or representation of the club.

2. Purpose for the club’s existence

  • To fly model aircraft in a safe and controlled environment.

  • To promote aero modelling under the auspices of the South African Model Aircraft Association.

  • To have fun!

3. Membership

  • Membership is open to everyone.

  • All pilots / members, irrespective of their level of proficiency, must be members of:

Atlantic Flying Club (A.F.C)
South African Model Aircraft Association (S.A.M.A.A)

  • All members will have voting rights.

  • A new member must be nominated by an existing member and approved by a committee member.

  • All members must strive to achieve a S.A.M.A.A proficiency level.

  • Membership is at the discretion of the committee.

4. Executive

The executive committee shall consist of not less than four persons. Functions to be performed are:

  • A Chairman

  • One Secretary/Treasurer

  • One Safety Officer

  • Chief Flying Instructor

  • Proficiency Officer

  • Communications Officer

Some functions may be combined under one person, and at least one committee member shall carry over to the next year.

5. Duties of the Executive Chairman

  • Will oversee the other members of the executive in their duties

  • Will chair all meetings

  • Will have signing authority for the club together with the Treasurer


  • Will be responsible for all financial dealings of the club

  • Will keep complete records of all financial dealings of the club (Petty Cash & Bank Statement)

  • Will have signing authority for the club together with the Chairman / Vice-Chairman

  • Will be responsible for recording the minutes of all meetings

  • Will keep the membership information up-to-date

6. Finances

  • An annual membership fee will be set and approved by the members at the AGM and implemented on the 1st of February to the 31st January the following year.

  • Fees must be paid before the 1st of February.

  • Membership will be terminated on the 1st May if payment is not received.

  • New membership fees are not on a pro rata basis and will be paid in full.

  • An entry fee, as annually decided upon, will be paid by new members or members whose membership was terminated and who wish to rejoin.

7. Meetings and Fiscal Year

  • The Fiscal Year will be February 1st to January 30th.

  • An Annual General meeting will be held in the month of February.

  • Members will be informed of each of these meetings at least fourteen days in advance.

  • Extraordinary meetings will be held should the necessity arise.

  • A quorum will be four members.

8. Elections

  • Elections will be voted on at the A.G.M or if a member resigns from the committee.

9. Amendments

  • Amendments to the constitution must win a two-thirds majority vote of members present.

10. Impeachment

  • Any member of the club who commits an act negatively affecting the interests of the club and its members may be given notice of impeachment.

  • The impeached individual will have the right to defend his/her actions.

  • A two-thirds majority vote of members present will result in the removal of the impeached individual from the club and the loss of any privileges associated with the club. Any membership fees paid will not be refunded.

11. Visitors

  • Visitors are most welcome at our registered slopes. A visitor who flies at our privately registered sites may fly no more than 3 times a year and there after must apply for membership. All visitors must be S.A.M.A.A members.

12. Pilot Training

  • Entry level pilot training may be carried out by competent pilots who have been approved by the committee. This training will be limited to EPP and Corex gliders. Advanced training on “glass ships” may only be carried out by pilots who have achieved a minimum of a S.A.M.A.A approved Silver proficiency rating and been approved by the committee. All training to be under the direction of the CFI.

  • Instructors approved by the club committee and with a S.A.M.A.A instructors rating may agree compensation with a student for instruction on condition that the club is not part to the financial arrangement in any manner and that all such activities are conducted under S.A.M.A.A and the club rules and regulations. Such instruction will fall under the requirements of the CFI. Any proficiency recommendations to S.A.M.A.A will be by the officers of the club.

13. Instructors and Test Pilots Liability

  • Instructors or Test Pilots cannot be held liable for any damage caused whilst training student pilots or test flying a member’s aircraft.

14. Insurance

  • Members are covered by SAMAA insurance policies.

  • Members have the responsibility of understanding the terms of the policy and any periodic amendments.

  • Members are to conduct flying activities within the constraints of the policy and associated SAMAA new club rules.

15. Indemnity

  • The Club, the committee or the membership as a group do not accept any liability caused by any individual or group of individuals through flying activities or behaviour of actions at the club airfield or associated clubs premises, which result in injury or loss to its members or any third party. The member or members causing such loss will carry full responsibility and have no recourse to the Club, the committee or Club members.