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Flying Sites in and around the Cape Peninsula

The following site are sorted in the direction of the prevailing wind to which they are best suited. I will also try to point out the hazards at most of the sites, however we tend to find that it is often these hazards that make the site an even more exciting place to fly.


Signal Hill (NW, W, SW) - The Main AFC winter flying site. Faces N/NW over the Atlantic Seaboard. As you go over Kloof neck, turn into the Signal hill road, follow that road along until you see a mosque on your left, take the first left turn to the viewing-site after the Mosque (about 500m) and you will be in the parking lot. Walk up the path to the left and you will see the bench, where we all fly from. Excellent flying site and very scenic, plenty of room to land. Be careful of Para gliders if the wind is 30 km/h or less. Landing can be turbulent in a SW.

Signal Hill (N) - OFF LIMITS FOREVER - Too Dangerous for the Tourists and Buses - fly at the bend only!
Follow the Signal Hill road the viewing site at the very end. Faces over Table Bay (Robben Island), very scenic. Good lift in a N. Be careful of the tourists, especially when landing. Landing area is to the left near the picnic benches.


Situated on the ridge above St.James (near Muizenberg) and is access from Boyes drive. There is a path leading up from the road to the ridge. The path is not very well marked from the road and it is easy to miss it as it is situated right on a bend as Boyes drive starts to descend into St. James, so keep a good look out. Flying here is spectacular as there is plenty of lift in a good SE, however landing here is not for beginners, you have to stall it into the bushes on the front of the ridge.



When coming from the Durbanville Side, along Kontermanskloof road, turn left at the stop street and then you will see the farm on your right about 300m from the 4 way stop. Take the gravel road up that winds past the labourers cottages and follow it up the hill. Remember to close any gates that you pass through on the way up and down.



Located on Melkbos Farm which is on the West Coast road about 10 minutes drive North from Bayside Centre. Take the right turn just before the Shell garage and follow the road past the big barn and left around the back of the hill. Gravel road leads up the back and is quite steep, you need a 4x4 or you have to walk. This site is supposed to be Closed to the public at the moment, however it will hopefully be more accessible soon as developers are going to build a housing development at the foot of the hill.

Situated in the hills behind Durbanville on the back road from Durbanville to Blaauwberg, opposite the farm Bloemendal. The farmer has decided that he does not want anyone up there, because of problems in the past with litter, etc. so be warned!
 Dias Beach , Cape Point (SW) - Situated at the viewing site on the SW side of the parking lot at the end of Cape Point. The site itself is a cliff overlooking Dias Beach, with a spectacular view ( see the pic on the homepage). The lift here is good, but if you drop out, it is a long way down to the beach below ! Be warned. Landing on top, is pretty straightforward. Please note that you have to pay an entrance fee to get into the reserve in order to access the site.
 Smitswinkel , Cape Point (SE) - Situated at the viewing site on the SE side of Cape Point as you enter the reserve. It is the first parking site on your left after you come through the entrance. The site itself is a cliff overlooking Smitswinkel Bay , with a spectacular view. The lift here is good, but if you drop out, there are some serious cliffs to navigate on the way down. Also you have to pay an entrance fee to get into the reserve in order to access the site.
 Smitswinkel , Cape Point (SE) - Situated at the viewing-site outside the reserve as you round the bend on the way back to Simonstown. There is ample parking on the mountain side of the road, however the road is right on the edge of the ridge, so landing behind you can get tricky.Plenty of bush below the ridge.

Kommetjie Light House (SW) - Situated on the coastal road from Kommetjie to Scarborough, this site offers spectacular views and smooth sea air when the condition are right. Parking on the verge is the only option here.



Scarborough Dune (SW) - The Dune has receeded over the years and is no longer flyable!

Situated to the right of Scarborough beach between Misty Cliffs and the Crayfish Factory, this is a sand-dune that kicks up a nice lift band in the right conditions. Fun to fly , just be careful of landing in the sea! Very scenic, the family would enjoy.


Ocean View Drive (SW) - From CBD go up Strand Street and just after it becomes High Level Rd, there is a left fork into Ocean View Drive, follow Ocean view Drive all the way, be careful to stay on the Drive itself as there are many forks leading off. Follow it all the way through Green Point, Sea Point, Fresnaye until eventually it winds through some trees and ends in a cul-de-sac overlooking Clifton. Park there and follow the path on your left through the boulders and you will see the Site. Nice smooth bowl, Trees behind

 Oukaapseweg (N) -Follow the Blue Route (Tokai) all the way to the end and then turn right at the T-junction, Left at the Sign that says "Oukaapseweg" and follow the road up to the top. As you come round the last right-hand bend at the top, you will see a viewing site on the right, overlooking Tokai Forest ( and Polsmoor Prison ). That's it. Good thermals!
 Chapmans Peak (W,NW) - Follow coast road through Hout bay and you will find several viewing sites along the way to Chapmans Peak Itself, we normally fly from the last viewing site before Chapmans Peak, which has plenty of parking and lots of space to land.

Sir Lowry's Pass (N, NW) - At the top of the pass there is a viewing site on the right hand side, where you can park. Not often flown.


 Du Toit's Kloof Pass (SW) - Instead of going through the Hugenot Tunnel, you take the old pass road, and just before the crest of the pass there is a viewing site on the left-hand side. A spectacular site with plenty of smooth lift. Landing is not for the faint-hearted!
 Llandudno (W,NW) - Park at the crest of the hill, just before it goes down "Suikerbossie" and walk up towards the Radio-mast. There is a path leading up through the bushes. Good landing area, however there are some granite boulders near the front of the slope that you do not want to make contact with.
 Red Hill (S) - Viewing site at the top of Red-Hill road. (between Fish-Hoek and Simonstown) We fly from the parking lot and generally land there as well. The bushes below are thick and very difficult to navigate if you go down there, avoid them at all costs. Nice road landing site if there are no cars in the parking lot!
Maps coming soon!