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Your First Model

The absolute beginner would be best off starting with an EPP Bee; this is a two piece Styrofoam wing that is virtually indestructible. The Bee will take about four hours to assemble from start to finish and only requires a two channel radio.New they cost in the region of R1000, but can be picked up second hand for less than R500. A good bit of advice would be to add a LMA (lost model alarm) to your wing. This will save you a day’s walk just in case you loose sight of your wing while flying.


The Bee is extremely stable and forgiving when recovering from a stall, as well as being very light, these models make excellent trainers and serve to teach you the basics principles of flying model aircraft. They fly well in light conditions and are controlled by a 2 channel (entry level) Radio. Control surfaces are Ailerons for left and right (yaw) and elevator for up and down (pitch). These controls are how ever combined into dual purpose Elavons as the model has no fuselage.

Note: These models take no time to build, and are well worth the effort and normally last you well past the stage when you graduate to an all out aileron & rudder “Glass Ship”. The bee is also used to Dog Fight with fellow pilots, which is a great way to hone your finger skills on the radio. Basic wings can also be built from Corex at next to no cost.