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Your First Flight

Ask one of the experienced pilots to check out your model (Frequency, C of G, Aerial, etc) and then to launch it for you and set the trim adjustments. DO NOT just hurl it off the slope yourself, because you WILL crash it !
Once the model is trimmed and the pilot is happy that there is nothing radically wrong with the way it handles, you can take over and get the feel of it.
If things start to get out of control, don't wait until it's too late to give the transmitter back to the guy who launched it for you.
You will soon get the feel of the plane and how it responds to your inputs.
When it's time to land, ask someone to help you. Landing is probably the hardest part of slope flying and takes a while to get used to.

Here a few tips to remember during those first flights:

- Be gentle on the sticks and your plane will fly better.
- Never turn with the wind (towards the slope), always turn into the wind (away from the slope)
- Try not to end up above yourself or behind yourself or you will end up getting blown over the back of the slope.
- Make gentle turns, Sharp movements cost speed & height ( something you need while learning)
- Try to stay above the horizon, and you are less likely to get into trouble
- Ask for help if you are not sure - Nobody's going to laugh at you ! We all had to start at one time.
- Have Fun! As you learn, you will get to enjoy it more & more, but it takes time
- Don't be afraid of crashing! (at some stage you are going to crash, repairs are often easier than they look).