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We have started a building project for the SAAF Museum for the 60th commemoration of the Korean War which has now been completed.

The completed model was handed over to museum curator Chris Teale and staff on Friday 20th August 2010.

You can follow the build progress here. Here is a link to a forum post of the restoration of the full size, No.372

Wednesday 17 March - The Workshop Prep

Bobby, Bruce and Simon popped around and we got stuck into re-arranging the workshop into a more usable format. The Festool table was turned through 90o and a door was placed on top to protect the surface. The whole area was cleaned and prepped for the build. There are still a few areas in the workshop that need to be tidied up, but that is for another day. I didn't get a before photo, but here is what it looks like.

The Sabre is on the operating table. Nurse, pass the sanding blocks...

Workshop prepped for building