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F86 Building - Build Day 2
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Build Day 2

Tonight was day 2 of the build. It was spent rubbing down the fuzz and wing and filling in the impressions with body filler. We added the wing tips with epoxy and cotton flocks.

All hands on deck: Andrew and Bobby did the wing.

Sanding the fuzz and wing1

Simon and Bruce gave the fuzz a good going over.

Sanding the fuzz and wing2

Bobby on the Dremel prepping for Filler.

Prepping for filler - Bobby on the dremel.

Simon applying the filler to the fuzz.

Filler going on the tail

Check the cool camo' on the wing!! Pity it's going to get hidden again when the next filler coat gets sprayed.

Well, that's all we got up to on Monday night. Setting aside a dedicated evening to build has proven to be quite successful so far and long may it last. It's been fun having the guys around and we are all learning from each other. SoI think these sessions are going to grow from strength to strength. When the camera from Day 1 comes back home I'll upload those too.

Peter Vergeer arrived early. It was great to see him again, as he now spends most of his time in Jozie doing Project Management. Other the other hand it was not so good as he dropped off 2 planes to fill up the nice tidy workspace, thanks Peter!!