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F86 Building - Build Day 3
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Build Day 3

Simon brought Bobby along and I thought we weren't going to get much building done with all the chatting and catching up. Peter was making his way out when Dion Thompson arrived bearing Toko fuzzes and wings. He also had a very sweet Erwin from Podovin Composite Modelbau - more details here.

Anyway, even though there was plenty to talk about and oogle over, at last some building took place.

Simon attacked the filler on the fuzz. After sanding down the filler, Dion used some aerosol to mist the rear of the fuzz.

Using aerosol to mist the tail

Bobby finished the shaping of the wing tips. These are now ready for glassing which will take place during the next building session.

Wings tips nicely shaped waiting for glass

Bobby finishing off the lower rudder section after the spray mist had dried.

Bobby shaping the lower rudder post

To assist in shaping and finishing the tail, Dion had an inspired moment and I was able to provide...We'll pull a glass tube off the PVC pipe and use that to round off the tail and provide some meat for the final shaping.

PVC tail pipe jig

And, that's how this evening's build finished. On the way out, Dion showed us his Toko moulds that were stuck away in his car. A bohemoth set of moulds that need some TLC. Now that these nights are in the swing of things, it looks like there will be a never ending stream of things to follow. Until the next night...