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F86 Building - Build Day 4
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Build Day 4

Seems like the build nights have been moved to Tuesday nights now due to school activities. The sacrifices we make for our little ones... Lee Hope joined us tonight to "steal with his eyes" as he put it. Lee is in the throws of moving and needed some inspiration for his Bf-109. Bobby and Bruce arrived shortly thereafter and the guys got going.

First item on the agenda was to wrap the PVC pipe and get a cloth and epoxy tube off it. Wax paper was secured with sellotape and the whole thing rubbed down with RAM Wax release wax. 49g cloth was rolled 3 times around the tube and cut with an Olfa Rotary cutter - it cut really well. A credit card was used to work the epoxy in and squeeze the excess out. Here is a photo of the finished work waiting to cure.

The glassed tail-pipe waiting to cure

Next item on the agenda was to glass the wing tips. Bobby gave a demo on how to round the tips.

Bobby curving the cloth around the tip

Working around the tips takes a bit of care - but the end result if worth it.

I chirped Bobby to have a go and we traded places.

With Bobby on the camera, me doing some work, for a change. Lee was keeping everything secure and Bruce had his nose in the reference material checking on details.

I have been debating whether or not to put leading end protection on the Toucan's wing. We debated various methods and there is a write up here on how it was done.

By 22h15 we were all done. The start of next week is a school holiday followed by a public holiday on Tuesday, so we'll have to play it by ear as to when the next building session will take place. Until the next night...