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F86 Building - Build Day 5
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Build Day 5

A really cold and wet evening here in Cape Town tonight. I received my copy of "Lift Ticket to Norway" in the post this morning and was watching when Lee arrived. Bruce and Bobby arrived around 7pm. Simon was a bit later, also stuck in the mayhem traffic. We finished watching the epic adventure around Norway and headed into the workshop. The priority of tonight's mission was to work out how to do the gunports as per this photo taken by Bobby of the restoration taking place at Ysterplaat.

The tail pipe moulding was not as successful as we had hoped. The wax paper got a little stuck to the PVC pipe. I split the moulding lengthways with a craft knife and removed the tube. Bobby cyano'd the cut back together to form a tube. A test fit revealed a perfect fit for the cosmetic work that needs to follow.

Tail pipe inserted into tail

Whilst Simon, Bobby and Bruce got stuck into measuring the plastic scale model that Simon brought along and the reference material from "World Aircraft Information Files", Lee got stuck into trimming the excess cloth off the wing tips.

Trimming the excess cloth from the wing tips

Once done, it was out with the trusty sand paper cutting back the excess resin and cloth.

Sanding the cloth back

After plenty of deliberation, Simon and Bobby go going on measuring the position of the litho plate section for the gun ports. Firstly by marking out the estimated position using a tape measure as a "straight edge" on the curved surface.

Positioning the gunport location

And then by "eyeballing" the position relative to the tail.

Eye balling the correct position

The position of the 3 gun ports on the plated section was then marked out.

The marking out of the gun ports

I had some 3/16" brass tubing in the scraps box, which turned out to be a pretty good fit for the gun ports. A template for the elliptical recess shape was made on the sanding wheel.

Sanding the gun port recess into the brass tube

The shape was then transposed onto the fuzz and recessed using the ever trusty Dremel.

Recessing the gunports into the fuzz

A dry fit was made and the result is very promising.

The first look of the gun port on the fuzz

As it was getting late, we decided that this was a logical place to stop as we had achieved our objective to wax the gunports. After a late coffee the guys left and the story was told. Until the next night...