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F86 Building - Build Day 6
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Build Day 6

Lee sent his apologies and the Northern suburbs gang of Bobby, Bruce and Simon arrived in the Stardestroyer "Executor". The rain was pouring but that did not hinder the enthusiam to get cracking where we left off last week. Simon brought some ABS plastic and Chloroform to start making a go of the cockpit.

Whilst Bobby marked out the otherside of the gunports and cut the slots, I cut and sanded the remaining 5 gunports on the sanding disc, using a jig to keep the angles consistent. We then used a dowel wrapped in masking tape to hold the tubes whilst they were tacked into place with cyano.

Gunport prep - other side

Bobby mixed up some epoxy and added cotton flocks to make a gooey paste that was run on the inside of the fuzz to secure the tubes.

Applying the cotton flocks mix

A view from the inside with both sides done.

The inside scoop

Meanwhile, Simon and Bruce had been taking measurements from the Plastic kit and converting them to the size of the Sabre. The conversion tables seemed to vary greatly as the scale length and scale width did not match. After much head scratching and fighting with calculators they settled on a scale and started marking out the cut lines on the ABS.

Marking the plastic for the cockpit

With the cuts made, the half-cut fold lines were scored and the sides folded. However, the ABS is really brittle and the half-cuts acted as perfect cut lines for snapping. To overcome the setback, the corners were reinforced with some cut-offs and glued together with the chloroform. The rolled ABS proved a tad bit challenging in getting straight sides...

Glueing the cockpit sides

All in all a great evenings build and it didn't end too late - we are getting better at our time management.

Until the next night...