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F86 Building - Build Day 7
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Build Day 7

Having spent the weekend moving the comapnies office and making sure all the IT equipment was up and running, it was great to have the guys around for a building session to distract my thoughts to something more pleasant. The usual gang arrived. Lee was unfortunately called off to work to repair an Exchange Server and the rest of us got stuck in.

The gun ports really took shape tonight with Bobby sanding them flush with the fuzz.

The sanded gunports.

And another view, note the score marks where the lithoplate will go.

Another view of the sanded gunports

With the problems of the folded ABS from last week, I decided to heat the ABS in the oven on a marble slab we use for pizza's. At first it look promising, but the oven was a little too warm and the ABS got too soft and started wrinkling. Nothing ventures, nothing gained. Nothing gained as it turned out this time.

The rudder area was next to get some treatment. A good dose of epoxy and cotton flocks was mixed and slopped on to the tailpipe to build it out.

Building up the tailpipe.

A view to a kill.

The rudder post was then attached with 4-minute epoxy. 6mm Supawood was cut into 20mm wide lengths, covered in masking tape and used to clamp the rudder skin to the post.

Clamping the rudder post

When the rudder post epoxy had cured, the strips were removed, coated in pink release agent and then clamped to the tail area to provide some shape and support to rear. This will cut down on the amount of sanding and shaping required.

Shaping the tailpipe with cotton flocks

Simon was also called out to drop off some plans just down the road and left Bruce to carry on with the measuring and marking of the cockpit seat. By the end of the night the seat had been cut, a template for the chair made and the chair cut out.

Cockpit chair and measurements

Shaping the chair will be left for the next build.

Until the next night...