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F86 Building - Build Day 8
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Build Day 8

After quite a long lay-off due to most of the guys being sick, we finally had a building night again. Bobby got stuck into the tail section and started mass removal with the drum sander. The drum diameter was an almost perfect fit for the tail pipe.

Mass shaping of the tail pipe

Once the bulk was removed, the finer work was done using the Dremel.

Tail detailing with the Dremel

The low spots in the rudder and a few holes were then filled and left to cure.

Filling in the depressions

Meanwhile, back on the bench, Simon and Bruce where busy making the chair. Here they are bending the chair sides using a heat gun and various clamps and jigs.

Bending the cockpit chair

The final product...

The bent chair

Doesn't look like much now, but then again, nor did Cinderella, before the Fairy Godmother waved her magic wand.